The last update for the Dolphin Browser was last October when Android Marshmallow support was added. The mobile browser is getting another one that is said to make searching the web even faster. The development team of the app has made some improvements to the Dolphin Browser, allowing the users to type a keyboard on a search bar right from the lock screen or a notification bar.

The activation of the notification search makes the browser more convenient to use because you don’t have to open any new app or go to the phone’s home screen. Accessing the notification search is easier and faster as it is more intuitive than launching another app or browser page. Mobile search experience can be fast and easily accessible with the app update depending on the Android version that is running on your phone.

A new tab in Dolphin will open and show as you enter a URL or do a search. The new tab will show the new website or search results right away. Just make sure you set the default search engine you prefer in Dolphin. You can do this by clicking on the address bar while in Dolphin then tap the icon you see on the left. This will open the list of search engines available then choose one. Once you use the Dolphin browser, the notification search is already enabled. It’s already set as default but you also do it manually but heading to your phone’s Settings> Advanced> Customize> choose Notification bar search.

Note that the updated Dolphin Browser with the Notification search feature is available in select countries. Only those in the UK, North America, Germany, Russia, India, and Singapore can get the update, at least, those running Android v11.5.4 version and above.

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SOURCE: Dolphin