Camera technology is moving at an awesome pace these days, and we are witnessing the gap between professional quality equipment and consumer level products slowly disappear. What you once needed maybe a professional HD camera for, you can now achieve with a handheld. DJI’s Osmo handheld camera is a testimony to this phenomenon, being probably the world’s first handheld 4K camera for consumers.


Camera sensors are getting better and better, and a lot of people are now happy with the quality of images and videos they get from smartphone cameras. So much so that camera quality is now one of the top considerations if a consumer wants to get a top-of-the-line phone – if you’re going to spend money, you better make sure the device takes good pictures. The DJI Osmo camera is probably at the leading edge of camera technology – with cinema-level image stabilization and a robust camera sensor that can capture 4K resolution images and videos. Watch the video below to get acquainted with the Osmo.

Connected with its Android app called DJI GO, your smartphone becomes a monitor, remote control, and a quick access panel to the camera’s settings. What really sets the Osmo apart, we feel, is the image stabilization is its strongest draw. The size of the Osmo should spawn a huge number of indie filmmakers, given the quality it gives.


The Osmo camera can even be mounted on a drone, giving you better quality from drone shots. The camera is available for pre-order as of the moment (via DJI online store) at USD$649, pretty expensive, but worth the cash, we feel. The accessories are also available separately.