DJI Technology definitely knows the imaging field. Photography and videography are something the company really knows as it has already proven with the Osmo camera and app and the social network it launched earlier this year. Actually, even without those two, the company is already known as a top drone maker. Avid drone users know the brand so we know this new app can offer the best mobile experience as promised.

DJI GO 4.0 is an updated version that boasts of an all-new homepage and UI, real-time HD image transmission, improved playback interface, enhanced Editor and UI, camera settings adjustment, and added music tracks and templates. This app brings a more convenient editing, sharing, and downloading of videos. The app also now allows Near real-time flight data recording and integrated live streaming.

If you’re already familiar with the earlier versions, know that this DJI GO 4 has been updated already. This release particularly brings the Phantom 4 Pro, Favorites feature to Mavic playback, and automatic travel diary creation as listed by the devs. The DJI GO app lets you to share every moment instantly, explore, and learn to go beyond yourself. You can now quickly edit videos to share with others.

Download DJI GO 4 from the Google Play Store