DisplayMate is as to screens of mobile devices as DxOMark is to mobile cameras – which means, these folks run their standards and measures and tell us how the displays of popular smartphones stack up against each other. And so here we have the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, successor to the doomed Galaxy Note 7, and the Korean giant’s flagship phablet for 2017.

Unsurprisingly, DisplayMate says that the Galaxy Note 8 has a great display. What is more surprising – and probably a reason for Samsung fans to shell out their money for this premium-priced phablet – is that they say the Galaxy Note 8 has the best ever display they’ve seen on a smartphone, giving it a rating of A+, the highest they’ve ever given for a smartphone display.

The Galaxy Note 8’s display is much improved, even compared to the very competent Samsung Galaxy S8. Improvements include screen brightness that can be set up to 22 percent higher than that of the current S8 flagship. DisplayMate also said that the Note 8’s maximum screen brightness can go much higher when the phone’s Automatic Brightness feature is turned on, allowing users to have the very high brightness levels in any location. DisplayMate also says that the Galaxy Note 8 has a larger native color gamut compared to the Galaxy S8, for generally better color reproduction.

So what are you buying for nearly USD$1,000? You might think that the new Galaxy Note 8 may not be worth that ridiculous price for an Android device. But you are most certainly going to get the best darned display on a smartphone at this time. Until, of course, the Samsung Galaxy S9 comes out in March next year.

SOURCE: DisplayMate