We told you a few weeks ago about the digital tattoo that can soon be used to unlock the Moto X through NFC sticker technology. Now the wait is over as Motorola announced that they, together with Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects group and VivaLnk Inc. are officially launching the Digital Tattoo but of course, only the privileged Moto X users can enjoy this state-of-the-art method of bypassing your phone’s security code.

Using NFC technology that is embedded in a flexible and skin-safe hardware (based on VivaLink’s eSkinTM technology), all you need to do is stick the tattoo wherever you want on your body (as long as you can possibly and comfortably reach it of course) and then use it to unlock your Moto X through the Moto Skip app. Just tap your device on to the tattoo and voila, your Moto X is unlocked.

They came up with this artful and quick way of unlocking your phone based on the study that it takes users an average of 2.3 seconds to set free their locked devices, and on average, users do this 39 times a day. So all in all, you waste around 2 minutes just unlocking your device (wow, what a waste!). So with the Digital Tattoo, you theoretically take back those wasted seconds.

The tattoos are sold in packs of 10 at $9.99. Each tattoo will last for around 5 days, depending on your skin type and what you do the whole day. But it’s supposedly water-proof so you can still go swimming, sweat profusely and even take a bath even while wearing the sticker and it won’t get damaged. So would you be willing to wear this temporary tattoo just to make your life a tiny bit easier and make you seem cooler?

VIA: SlashGear
SOURCE: Motorola