If you’ve ever thought of getting some permanent ink on your body but you’ve always been afraid of the needle or how it would look like, you can try out this new “tattoo” created by VivaInk that will do more than just decorate your hand or arm. It is actually an NFC enabled sticker that will bypass your security features and unlock your Moto X.

This was actually part of an idea that the people over at the ATAP division of Motorola were working on, even after the sale of the OEM to Lenovo. The concept of digital tattoos is to not just decorate but to turn a body into an “authentication token” so that there is no need to enter your passcode when you want to use your phone. The concept is simple: you just stick the tattoo on any part of your body and then tap your Moto X to unlock it.

While the sticker with its copper-coin design looks cool and all, it is not permanent of course. It is water-resistant though and so you can really stick it anywhere in your body (preferably somewhere you can reach because you need to tap your phone after all) and even if you take a bath or wash your hands, it will still be there. Well, at least for a week.

You can buy the “tattoos” in packs of ten for about $9.99. Of course, it only works with the Moto X for now, but who knows, if it catches on, we might see a deluge of stickers for other phones, with even bolder designs, just like real tattoos.


VIA: SlashGear