Bandai Namco has come out with a global version of Digimon Linkz – previously available in Japan only. Now you can download “Digimon Links” for Android, and enjoy the mashup gameplay elements of RPG, strategy, and of course, Digimon battling. We were pretty excited when the announcement came out, and now even more so that the game is finally out.

Digimon Links is a unique game that features Digimon-raising, and you get to work with a huge range of Digimon from the popular Digital Monsters series. You can raise these cute mons in a farm with all kinds of facilities, eventually raising powerful Digimon for 3-on-3 battles – because Digimon battling is the first thing you think of with a Digimon game.

There is also a Quest Mode – the game throws up different quests every day so you can earn rewards and use them in game. These rewards also include Digivolution Data, so you can evolve your cute little mons. Lastly, you can also form a party of up to 3 members with players online, then take on coop battles together.

Digimon Links is now available free to download and play, with the usual in-app purchases. The soft launch was only for the Australian market, but we’re glad to tell you that the app is now available globally.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store