Crescent Moon Games, one of the more prolific mobile game developers and publishers, has announced a new game coming to Android this month. Demonrock: War of Ages is a sword swinging, fireball flinging reverse tower defense RPG that follows in the footsteps of the likes of Diablo.

The sub-genre of “reverse tower defense” was perhaps first coined by 11 Bit Studios, creators of the Anomaly series of mobile games. Instead of laying down traps and turrets and things that go boom, you take on the role of the attacker, besieging the enemy base and surviving their defense. And yes, you can still make things go boom.

Demonrock takes that style of gameplay and mixes it with a bit of MOBA, a dash of Diablo, and a truck load of gorgeous 3D graphics. Players get to pick from the four hallmarks of the RPG genre, Barbarian, Ranger, Knight, and Sorceress. each with their own set of 5 hero skills. You even get to hire 13 mercenaries to get you through 40 levels of mayhem. Along the way, you also pic up epic items to dress up your character and turn him or her into the ultimate tower-destroying machine. The trailer below gives you a foretaste of the visual style and gameplay Demonrock has to offer.

Although no definite information is available, the game will most likely come with a price tag attached, similar to most of the publisher’s games. Crescent Moon Games is expected to add Demonrock: War of Ages to its portfolio of Android games on February 27.

VIA: DroidGamers