With all the good stuff that has come with the launch of Android Oreo, one of the more substantial features for hardcore Android users who want the ability to customize their device experience is the ability to apply themes to almost all visual elements of the interface. The ability to use a theme engine and to use it without root in Android Oreo is probably one big reason why people would root less and less.

The theme engine we’re talking about is called Substratum, the project that succeeded the CyanogenMod Theme Engine, and it will be available for any device running Android Oreo. And while this piece of news is only a few days, we already have a demo video from Team Substratum to show how the theme engine will work and to clarify any wrong assumptions coming from the announcement of the feature. See the 2:30-minute video below.

Most people will not get how big a deal this will be, so we’ll give some examples. With Substratum, you can make and apply themes for the Android Framework and Android System UI, as well as other system applications. You can apply themes to any third-party application, and apply custom fonts for third-party applications. All of this without having to gain root access.

For most hardcore customizations to work, it used to be that you would need to gain root access to your device. This one will be available for all devices using Android Oreo, and without having to gain root.