Dell Venue 10 7000 tablet e

Dell has introduced the Venue 10 7000 series earlier this month but it’s only now the tablet has started shipping. The new Android tablet was designed to impress with its sleek form and a large 10.5-inch OLED touch screen display. Making this different from other tablets out there is the fact that it transforms into a Dell netbook running Android Lollipop. This model is a follow up to the Dell Venue 8 7000 and it comes with almost similar specs.

The Dell Venue 10 7000 may be sleek and thin but there’s a bulky edge on side. It’s the barrel edge that holds the seat for the tablet, stereo speakers, and the battery. It is the part where you connect the Dell tablet to a compatible, magnetically attachable keyboard. Other specs and features of the tablet include a 2560 x 1600 resolution, Intel Atom Z3580 SoC processor, 2GB RAM, MicroSD card slot, WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0, Intel RealSense camera technology, MaxxAudio Mobile by Waves, and Dell Gallery application and smart albums for easy and automatic editing and organizing of photos.

You can now get a 16GB Dell Venue 10 7000 tablet for only $499 but keyboard isn’t included. If you want the tablet plus keyboard, it’s gonna be $629. Or if you want a higher 32GB Dell Venue 10 7000 Android tablet, it’s more expensive at $679. Shipping will start on May 5th but delivery of orders for the 16GB tablet + keyboard have already begun.



  1. Does the Venue 10 700 really ship with lolipop OS? I ask because I own the Venue 8 7000 and to spite the same configuration other than screen size Dell still has not hive PROMISED update to lolipop. It is still running kit Kat 4.4.4. I would think twice before jumping on this tablet. What makes it worse is that Dell refuses to address this problem

  2. This looks very interesting. Are both the keyboard and table charged by usb cable. How good is Dell regarding OS updates, I have only used Nexus devices so far because of OS updates, but this Android tablet/laptop has me thinking about switching from my Nexus 9 w/keyboard to this Dell.


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