Dell has confirmed that the AT&T-locked Dell Streak won’t get an Android 2.2 Froyo update until January 2011, lending legitimacy to the leaked emails tipping a January 12 release. According to the official Dell blog, “customers in the United States who own AT&T SIM-locked versions of the phone will hopefully begin seeing the Froyo update sometime next month.”

The delay in pushing out the release – which upgrades the Streak from its original Android 1.6 OS – is not fully explained, but Dell certainly implies it is to do with AT&T’s involvement in the carrier-locked handset. The update for unlocked Streaks began rolling out last month.


  1. why didn’t this beast ship with at least 2.1 to begin with. it seems insane to release the latest and most different tabphone at the time with a HUGE handicap and then say oh, that’ll be 400 smackers btw. Dell was stupid to fo this and at t sucks for constantly hindering android across the board.

  2. At&t constantly aims for big market items and exploits them in every way possible. Streak was not nearly successful as iPhone. iPhone is now available on the Verison market with 4G. At&t (3G) is now at a point where Kiss A** is a MUST! Goodbye At&t, hello Verison!


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