Dell’s firmware update for the AT&T Dell Streak, bringing the 5-inch tablet to Android 2.2 Froyo, has reportedly been delayed until January 12 2010. That’s according to some leaked emails handed to Streak Smart, supposedly from inside either Dell or AT&T, claiming the update for carrier-locked Streaks “should happen the week of January 12th.”

Meanwhile, unlocked Dell Streak units ordered from and delivered with Froyo pre-installed aren’t expected to ship now until December 26. In fact, according to some buyers who grabbed one when they were first put on sale, despite the Dell product page suggesting the Streak now comes with Android 2.2, their units have been delivered with 1.6 instead.


  1. I did not find this surprising since Dell were notorious with this kind game (cat-n-mouse). I bet by the time January roll around they going to push it even further to piss off their customer. They may even said to not offer 2.2 update and goes straight to Ginger Bread 2.3 which will have another indefinite time line again. I am regret getting Dell product. DELL SUCK D&^K.

  2. I cant believe at&t and dell they make it really hard for their customers to stick with them .. sprint e v o here i come. P.s cant believe i give i give them 550.00 of my money.. never again.. cant release old software on time…

  3. The delay is probably do to glitches that need to be fixed. Im sure their business model isnt “lets screw with people”. My streak with 1.6 has screen locks all the time and it is wait for it to clear or reboot. I hope that is fixed.

  4. The EVO can do this, can your big phone do that? Update expected this date oh sorry customers theres a problem so we’re going to have to push the update to a later time. I’m frusterated with Dell and ATT, here I’m thinking the Streak is going to be the best phone ever so Dell had customers believing and now look! I sighed another 2 year contract because of the Dell Streak and am about to cancel and go with sprint because Dell can’t keep promises and ATT is doing nothing about the situation.

  5. lied to again, damn dell. i swore never to buy another dell product due to crap customer service. but when i first saw the streak i fell in love. imagine my discontent when i flipped it over, dude its a dell. it shouldn’t be too hard of a task to pull a team away from the streak 2 development to work on making streak customers happy. luckily i still have 2 weeks on my return policy at best buy. screw dell

  6. F dell and att. if they dont hurry with the update. I’m goin to best buy for my money back. Then ill file on them for fauls advertizement

  7. It appears the problem is more with Dell than AT&T. There doesn’t seem to be any accountability from Dell with their official statements and their commitment to providing updates. Their was a communication problem with a Dell VP and their public relations department in October about Android update 2.1 and when it was going to release. Then they said they will release Froyo by the end of the year with no exclusions or exceptions. Now it is only unlocked phones got the updates in 2010 and locked devices will be updated on the weekend of 1/12/2010. Either Dell is extremely misguided by their Android Developers or this dangling the carrot is an act of fraud. Either way it is about accountability and someone should be.

  8. I decided not to wait for the update. Instead I first had ATT unlock my dell then I just reflashed it to baseband 00 1.6 (donut) from the ATT baseband 31. Baseband 00 is the original unlocked straight from dell version of the firmware. After that you will get the official notification to update to 2.2 (froyo) baseband 00. Not hard to do just need to find the files to do it. Took me about 10minutes after I found all the necessary files.

  9. Gene

    How exactly did you reflash your baseband to 00. I am new to this and do have a ATT baseband 31. In fact I got the unlock code from ATT but now i am not sure what to do next. I looked at the web and there are a lot of discussion around different builds etc but nothing that specifically states how to flash to another baseband.



  10. Z,

    From what I have read you first need to flash to baseband 21 then to baseband 00. Baseband 21 is the O2 mobile (from UK) baseband. To flash to a different baseband you need to recover your phone to a previous firmware with a different baseband otherwise you will get a mismatch FOTA error and flashes will not happen. You can try to recover directly to baseband 00 if you want. I recovered to baseband 21 then updated to the current 2.2 froyo baseband 21 then recovered to baseband 00 and updated the the current 2.2 froyo baseband 00. I did this because people seem to be doing this to get the reflashes and recoveries to work also I wanted to see what the O2 mobile version of the streak looks like. I will provide the files and instructions in my next posting. (I need to find a way to host the files for people to download).


  11. its att who is delaying it. Not Dell. Att the one who has hindered anything android for quite someone now. at least until they lost the iphone.

  12. Mother fucker Dell, lies too much. Go fuck your mother and stop selling consumer electronic. It not even funny when being lied to over and over again. I hope you die in car crash on your way to work. MOTHER FUCKER!

  13. Okey, yee is going crazy over here.
    I have been to at least a dozen forums saying that they can put 2.2 on my phone. I started to put one on but i thought I should look around before I do, and im glad I did. AkShiz is right it has to be at&t being difficult. People who has an unlocked version(bought it directly from of the phone got 2.2 in dec.
    Jan.12-Jan.15 is as long as im waiting. if I dont get it with in that time frame im either calling dell or getting it manually.

  14. I bought mine through and it is NOT an unlocked version.
    I ordered within the first few days when it was available from

    This is just stupid. I don’t care if it’s Dell or AT&T who’s responsible for this ridiculous delay. Fact is that Android 2.4 is about to come out or even has been released already?! I don’t even know because I’m still stuck on 1.6 and still wait on 2.2!!
    The Dell Streak was supposed to be a mobile-device-blast for technology enthusiasts. NOT SO MUCH. We’ve been left behind.

    Next time do your job right AT&T and Dell and don’t prematurely release a device like this. It seemed like nobody was even prepared for this device. I wasn’t even able to get my Streak insured by some mobile device insurance within the first 30 days because nobody didn’t even have any records about an “Dell Streak” in their databases.
    Yes, I get it – early adopter problem. Thanks!

  15. Gene

    Thanks for the info – albeit I have to admist that I am not sure what I would have to recover given that i am currentl on a 31 Base Band with 1.6. But I am definitely looking forward to the additional details.


  16. … As I see it, I would like to think the slow process is to ensure the 2.2 update will work without problem on the AT&T network. If they (Dell/AT&T) release without testing, then something could break and everyone of us will be complaining about that… If I was a company like AT&T, I’d rather have people being impatient for a new software release than actually having a valid complaint for broken phone software.. Does everyone remember the IPHONE debacle?

    I am just as eager as everyone else to get 2.2, but in the meantime I have a phone and OS that works… patience is a virtue

  17. I think they shouldn’t be annoucing a date for the 2.2 update until they are absolutely certain it will work. So if there truly are issues with 2.2 then they need to stop announcing, and promising dates, cause its really starting to piss people off.

  18. Delayed again for “at least” another couple weeks as stated on another website. Add this latest delay to the fact that NOT ONE of AT&T’s phones have been updated to Froyo and I personally have come to the conclusion that it is NEVER going to happen! it can’t be a matter of it working or not, as it works on every other carrier and the custom Froyo builds seem to be getting good results. AT&T isn’t a smartphone user friendly network, perhaps this will change now that they don’t have iPhone exclusivity, just a shame that Dell partnered with them to release such a geek friendly device. I got my Streak late last month, thought I would give ATT the chance to do the right thing. So now I’m running a custom rom. If they don’t give me what I want I’ll take it!

  19. Im just going to do the QDL tool update tomorrow if the update doesn’t get released. So far, the success rate of the QDL update tool is pretty high. You don’t need to worry about going into fastboot mode. It does it for you. But if you want to go to DJ steves build, you’ll need to go into fastboot to flash his rom.

  20. As promised this post is for Z and for anybody else interested in getting either the O2 mobile 2.2 froyo or the official OEM Dell 2.2 Froyo update. Note: this process will change your baseband to either baseband 21 (O2 mobile) or baseband 00 (OEM Dell) depending on which update you choose.

    I have created a rar archive for download. The link is at the bottom of this posting.

    I have 3 different folders in the archive. 1 for the PDAnet install, 1 for O2 mobile conversion process, and 1 for the OEM dell conversion process.

    Please read all of the ReadMe files and instruction files I have placed in the 3 folders first before you proceed. I would strongly suggest starting in the PDAnet folder then proceed to the O2 mobile folder then proceed to the OEM Dell folder (USA dell folder).

    Like I said in my earlier post I have read that you will need to first convert to baseband 21 (O2 mobile) then convert to baseband 00 (OEM Dell). This is what I did and it worked. If you want you could TRY to just convert directly to baseband 00 (OEM Dell), I just don’t know if that works since I did not do it that way.

    As with all flashing processes there is always a risk of bricking your phone/device so please do this at your own risk since neither I nor anyone associated with this will be held liable. Ok now that I have got that disclaimer out of the way here is the archive with the necessary files.

    The file you will be downloading is called “dell streak.rar”

    Hope this helps,


  21. Gene

    This worked like a charm! Thanks for your effort in putting together these directions. The steps were very clear. I would call out to everyone that you need to update the firmware to 2.2 while it is in O2 baseband 21, THEN start the process to take it baseband 00. I kept getting the “black screen” while OS2 was in firmware 1.6. Only worked when I did exactly what you stated above. I didn’t have to reapply the 2.2 firmware or anything once in baseband 00. It carried over! Another thing I found out the hard way… for you Windows 7 users, put recovery.stock.img on the C: right before running Gene’s fastboot-windows.exe in step #5. Otherwise the temporary admin rights will expire and the phone won’t be able to access C:

    Now I don’t have to wait for AT&T while they question Dell to death!


  22. Both carrier and manufacturers are playing this update game now i hear Samsung is deliberately holding back or asking TMobile not to update the Captivate b/c the new captivate is coming out and they are afraid it will hurt sales eventhough the old Captivate will have the same specs and capabillties as the new phone so the game is now instead of updating old phones everytime a new Android OS comes out lets just sell them a new phone if they want the new OS lets hope Google steps in and don’t leave it up to dumb companys like AT&T or greedy companys like Samsung I bought the Dell Streak on the promise of the 1.6 will be updated to 2.1 that was in August 2010 then they decided they were going to skip 2.1 and go to 2.2 instead it’s now Jan. 16 2011 still no update fist it was Dell sitting on their hands now it’s AT&T With their many delays i now heard that the update is stuck in AT&T never ending testing hell and what the fuck are they testing since the 2.2 update nas been working fine on all none lock AT&T versions of the streak meanwhile we are stuck with a barely userble devise it’s time for Google step in and pull or threaten to pull the OS from the greedy pigs who put profit before costumer satisfaction or people like me will have no choice but to go back to apple god forbid and another thing why is Dell still lyeing to us saying the AT&T lock update is out and we should get it b/w now and next week

  23. One of the reasons I switched to the baseband 00 (Dell OEM version of firmware) was because I needed the wifi hotspot type tethering capabilities. Being able to tether on the ATT network requires a $40 plan. On the Iphone 4 that feature is locked in the phone until you call customer service to activate the $40 plan. Tethering is not in 1.6 (donut) and my fear is that the ATT version of 2.2 baseband 31 will have that feature locked. I have not read any reports saying tethering is or is not locked in 2.2 ATT baseband 31 but I am not risking it and I did not want to wait for the update as well. Now with all these delays it seems that I made the right decision to convert to Dell OEM (baseband 00).


  24. Gene

    Thanks so much for taking the time to put this post togehter . I will definitely try to get this done tonight. And yes I am tired to be slaved to AT&T – so baseband 00 it will be

  25. Gene,

    Awesome post, I was able to update my 1.6 to a 2.2 after reading your post. Although I have to do it in 2 steps.

    1. follow your post
    2. then, get the update for 2.2 in Dell’s site


  26. Gene and others: Post sounds good. The one thing I can’t figure out is whether or not the device needs to be unlocked by AT&T prior to starting the process…can anyone weigh-in on this? Any info or personal experience is appreciated.


  27. Geez, do you need to have this unlocked before you can start? If so, how in the heck do you get a tight wad company like AT&T to fork over a unlock code?

    • I Actually Got The Unlock Code From att they create a case number in a couple days they contact you back once they do you have to call customer service and they give you the unlock code but it still doesnt let you update to 2.2

      • Thanks, I did a little research, and I got the unlock code over the phone with ATT. All in one phone call. Thanks to whomever did the leg work on that, got me the right phone call, and now I’m in business. Thanks. Now comes the fun part, getting this bad boy upgraded to froyo.

      • Thanks, I did a little research, and I got the unlock code over the phone with ATT. All in one phone call. Thanks to whomever did the leg work on that, got me the right phone call, and now I’m in business. Thanks. Now comes the fun part, getting this bad boy upgraded to froyo.

      • Thanks, I did a little research, and I got the unlock code over the phone with ATT. All in one phone call. Thanks to whomever did the leg work on that, got me the right phone call, and now I’m in business. Thanks. Now comes the fun part, getting this bad boy upgraded to froyo.

  28. Yes! Weird, Ive been fighting with att for an unlock code. They gave me one and it was incorrect. It was for one of their networked locked subsidized dell netbooks. Well holy @#$!. The OTA update is available today!!! Still going to unlock this big bad phone just in case.


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