Recently Dell has been hard at work trying to get a piece of the mobile market. They have released a few phones like the Dell Venue, and tablet/phone like the Streak 5. Lately we have been hearing a few different things regarding what their plans are. According to a recent report by Forbes, Dell has plans to release a un-named 10″ Android tablet sometime this summer, ahead of the Windows 7 Tablet we have also been hearing about.

According to the article the slate is to be expected possibly as early as June, but that is yet to be confirmed in any way. We also heard about this tablet and saw a demo model briefly at CES2011. We talked about this earlier in February and you can read about that here.

For now they are still not saying if it will be a part of the “Streak” branding and ship with T-Mobile, or any specs. So for now according to Dell the device is “unbranded”. If you’d like to see the CES2011 demo unit see the video below.

[via Forbes]