Madfinger Games began teasing the “Arena of Death” Dead Trigger 2 update earlier in the month. They initially offered a teaser video and a mention of how the update would be coming soon. Well, it looks like that update has since arrived in the Play Store. And for those keeping track, the Arena of Death update has arrived as version 0.5.0.

The Arena of Death is a pretty simple concept, though we suspect we may not be using that simple description once we begin playing. Basically, you’ll be killling as many zombies as you can in an arena. Madfinger Games mentioned how you will be able to do the killing in a “variety of gruesome ways to amuse the bloodthirsty audience.”

Also included with this update will be new zombies, new warfare, new traps and lucky boxes.

  • Ejecting Traps – Build traps that kill the zombies by catapulting their rotten bodies high into the air.
  • Lucky Boxes – Boosts and power up increasing Arena carnage

This latest Dead Trigger 2 update can be found using this Google Play Store link. Of course, those already playing will likely want to check for an update directly from their device. For those new, or considering — Dead Trigger 2 is available for free, and does include some (avoidable) in-app purchases.

Along with this latest update for Android users, Madfinger Games also released a version of Dead Trigger 2 for Facebook. The Facebook version actually arrived a few weeks earlier, however it seems to have slipped under the radar of some. Bottom line here, if you are currently playing Dead Trigger 2 on Android and feel like you need more — you can now find it on Facebook as well. The Facebook Dead Trigger 2 release can be found using this link.