Dayframe is a digital photo frame app for Android users. The app launched a month earlier after spending a bit of time in beta. But more looking forward, the app had arrived with hints of a premium version coming. Flashing forward till the present day — that premium version has arrived. The app is called Dayframe Prime and it brings a decent list of extra features.

Keeping in mind, the regular non-Prime version of Dayframe is feature rich, this one adds extra items such as custom playlists, an advanced screensaver time, brightness timer, app timer and local weather. The custom playlist portion means users will be able to create and arrange playlists with multiple photo streams including Instagram, Facebook and more.

As for the timers. Again, this includes one for the screensaver, brightness and app. The screensaver portion will let the user create and save regular playlists. Or in other words, you can set a specific playlist for a specific time of day. The brightness timer should help those looking to have the display brightness adjust based on time of day.


The final timer is the app timer and this one means users will be able to launch apps on a set schedule. The weather is just that, Dayframe Prime is able to display current weather conditions in your slideshow and this can be pulled from your choice of WeatherBug, Accuweather or Weather Underground.

All that having been said, Dayframe Prime is going to be regularly priced at $4.99 — but they did launch with a discount. The folks behind the app were originally planning to offer that discount to the first 1,000 users, however given the response they decided to keep it up for a bit. The pinged us earlier and let us know that given they “blew past” those first 1,000 installs, they are planning to keep the discount open “until early afternoon.”

SOURCE: Blog, Google Play Store