With the rate that new mobile devices are churned out and bought these days, there is bound to be one or two old, unused tablet or smartphone lying around in people’s homes, gathering dust. While more advanced or adventurous owners might have some esoteric idea for those gadgets, regular users might just opt to dedicate the hardware for something less grandiose, such as a digital photo frame to showcase your family photos in the living room.

If this is the path you have chosen to take, then the upcoming Dayframe app, from the makers of the popular HD Widgets, might just be the thing you need. Dayframe is a no frills, no nonsense app that turns your Android device, preferably a large screen tablet, into a slideshow of images. The app is able to harvest images from a variety of online sources such as Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Flickr, Dropbox, 500px, Google+, and Twitter. Of course, it can also get photos from the device’s own gallery so an active Internet connection is definitely not a requirement.


Once image sources have been selected, Dayframe display’s the whole collection in a Pinterest-style dashboard, which in itself is already a sight to behold. Tapping on the play button starts the show, with photos taking up full screen. Unfortunately, at the moment the solid black notification bar rears its head even on the Nexus 5 running Android 4.4, which should, at least, be showing a translucent notification bar or none at all. Hopefully, the bug will be squished in time for the official launch.


The app is still in beta and is schedule to make its grand appearance next week, November 12, to be exact. In the meantime, those curious about the app and would like to ensure that the rest of the users will enjoy smooth sailing are welcome to join the beta program to help the developers craft the perfect digital photo frame experience.

VIA: SlashGear