Have you ever wanted to boast about your “driving score” (in real life, not in just a game) on Facebook? Did you wish that you could log all your car trips automatically to Google Drive? Well Dash, the popular car app, now has its very own IFTTT channel so you can do these things plus other recipes to make you drive smarter.

Dash is an app and hardware combination that claims to turn your vehicle into a “smart car” by using an OBD (on-board diagnostics) plug-in to track your driving habits, including your gas consumption, crash data, and even gives you tips on how to get rid of certain “bad habits” like braking too fast or swerving a little too close for comfort. It also gives you a Driving Score based on the driving behaviour it detects, and now, there is an IFTTT recipe that will let you tell all your friends about how good (or bad) a driver you are.

There are some practical recipes like automatically letting your Twitter friends know when you are behind the wheel so they won’t bother you with inane mentions. For those who have a compulsion to record every detail of a trip, you can now log them directly to Evernote. If your Dash app detects that your Check Engine Light is on again, it will give you a reminder to visit your mechanic.

If you are in your friends’ neighbourhood, an IFTTT recipe can automatically send them an SMS that you’re nearby, which is probably not a good idea if you’re hiding from some of them. You can even text yourself when you’re in a specific place, maybe something like “You were robbed here a year ago so better get out of there fast!” There are now more than 30 recipes available, but of course the beauty of IFTTT is that you can create your own practical and silly combination as well.

VIA: Slashgear


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