It may be long before the road will be filled with electric vehicles. Autobots roaming the earth may not happen in our lifetime but for now, we can make do with dashboard systems like the Android Auto. For some, there’s the new Nexar AI that turns the smartphone into a dashcam. This one is expected to start its own vehicle-to-vehicle network (V2V) that allows vehicles on the road to communicate with one another.

We know more similar systems and products will follow suit. One of which now is the Dashbot, a new tech project that’s listed on Kickstarter. The team behind this concept is raising only $100,000 but with still 19 more days to go before the deadline, the amount has reached double. Funds raised are now more than $189K from about 2,678 backers as of this writing. The numbers only show that there is a demand for this kind of smart system.

Alexa is gonna get popular once again as the Dashbot will integrate Amazon’s AI voice assistant. This product is more of a hands-free accessory that you will need to setup in your dashboard so you’ll be able to maximize its features and functions.

Alexa will make it possible for you to just say what you want to happen. It still needs to connect to your smartphone though via Bluetooth. It’s not a standalone product but it’s very useful for the techie drivers.

The Dashbot can help you control your music, access messages, view maps, and navigate with only your voice. Talk to Dashbot and see how it will intelligently follow your every command. Available for only $49.

SOURCE: Kickstarter