Nexar is the first ever network for smart vehicles. Drivers who use Nexar can be connected now. This means cars on the road can communicate with one another, possibly predicting and prevent collisions. The vehicle network is more of a massive sensor system that helps track and detect everything. The Nexar vehicle-to-vehicle network includes the mount and the software running on each mobile device on every vehicle.

Vehicle-to-vehicle communication has always been a dream. In the US, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has began to work on a project for vehicles to communicate with each other by year 2020. Looks like it’s going to be earlier as this Nexar is ready.

The vehicle to vehicle (V2V) network by Nexar aims to eliminate collisions and accidents on the road. The idea is that these Nexar-connected cars will communicate and warn each other, share collision warnings, and simply reduce the chances of collision. Similar to Air Traffic Control, Nexar will eliminate the problem of vehicle collisions on the road. Accidents happen but they can be prevented.

Other tech companies are also working on something similar. We’re looking forward to what Google, Tesla, Uber, and GM will introduce. For now, here’s the Nexar AI Dashcam app to help in solving car collisions by connecting the vehicles in one network.

The Nexar system includes the $7 mount plus the free Nexar app. Download the Nexar – AI Dashcam from the Google Play Store.

Download Nexar Al Dashcam from the Google Play Store