Well folks, if looks like those awesome T-shirt designers are at it again with another fancy option this Halloween. They’ve just released the new “Dark Knight Andy” edition of their Android T-shirts. I think “King Kong Andy” and “Unstoppable Andy” are still my two favorites though.

The man behind these T-shirts is George Soto, and while recently they’ve been all about Android vs Apple this newest creation is just a nice Halloween edition instead. I don’t see Steve Jobs anywhere in this latest shirt design so maybe he’s changed his tune due to recent sad events. That or we can expect to see Tim Cook leading the charge on the next shirt in his popular on-going series.

Soto also offers “Andy vs Apple” which i believe was one of his first pieces of Android art and clothing. You can also get both a shirt or a poster of the highly popular “Exploded Andy“. All the shirts mentioned come in a variety of sizes and are priced at a reasonable $15 dollars for those interested, although this newest edition is $17 instead. While Halloween has already passed now would be a great time to get this new Dark Knight shirt so you’ll be prepared to show your Andy spirit come next year.

Who’s buying one? Put me down for two.

[via Dark Knight Andy]