An executive has leaked that T-Mobile’s Danger service for the Sidekick will be discontinued for Sidekick devices effective May 31, 2011. The Service, created by Microsoft, is what the Sidekick relies on exclusively for it’s data services. The move may be peremptory as word was recently leaked of a 4G Sidekick coming to T-Mobile soon. The new Sidekick will run Android 2.3 Gingerbread, have a full QWERTY keyboard and support HSPA+.

To help Sidekick customers easily transition to a new device, T-Mobile plans to offer special deals for moving to a new device and will be announcing them in the weeks ahead. Additionally, T-Mobile has several online tools with which to export old data off what will quickly become an obsolete platform.

For data export of contacts, photos, calendars, etc. from the Danger Service, T-Mobile suggests Sidekick fans take advantage of their enhanced Web tool at There’s also an app available in the Sidekick Catalog with which to export data from the Sidekick’s memory card. Users will also be able to go to T-Mobile stores when they upgrade to a new headset and have the data transferred directly by customer service staff. Just be sure to bring along the Sidekick and any memory card to affect the transfer.

The deadline is May 31, 2011.