For those who have Samsung Galaxy S9 devices, probably one of the things that you like playing around with on your phone is the Augmented Reality emojis or AR emojis. The Korean OEM struck a deal with Disney to be their official partner in bringing some of their most popular characters to AR life. We previously had Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, and Donald Duck. Then as part of the movie tie-in, we also got the Parr family from The Incredibles 2. Now, you get two more popular cartoon characters to make into your avatar: Daisy Duck and Goofy.

Donald’s better half and their goofy friend, uhm, Goofy, are now both available as AR emojis that owners of the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ can use as their 3D avatars. What can you do with these emojis anyway and what’s their difference from the ordinary emojis? Well since it has AR in its name, it uses augmented reality technology, a few software tricks, and your camera’s front-facing camera so you can map your face onto an emoji. In this case, you become the Disney character of your choice.

Using deep learning and facial recognition technology, it can map more than 100 facial features so your AR emoji can truly be an extension of your face and your personality. There are rumors that Samsung is actually developing a way for us to use AR emojis when doing video calls so that even if you don’t have great Internet connection, you can still connect to whoever it is you need to video call with. But for now, you can just use these AR emojis to create fun messages and GIFs of yourself, especially now that you have Daisy and Goofy to add to your collection.

To add these two new Disney avatars, just tap the plus icon on the right hand corner of your camera’s AR emoji mode. You can search for them on the Galaxy Apps Store. And if you didn’t have the other Disney characters before, now is the time to add them and start experimenting with your AR emojis.

SOURCE: Samsung