CyanogenMod 10.1.0 shifted from a release candidate to general release phase yesterday. This initial general release brought support for a wide variety of devices, however there were a few that were intentionally left out. The folks at CyanogenMod moved forward without support for those with a Samsung Exynos or a Tegra 2 powered device. They did however promise a status update.

With that in mind, that promised status update has arrived for the Tegra 2. This isn’t necessarily going to be good news, however things will not be coming to an end just yet. Basically, it looks like the support for Tegra 2 devices will end with the next major release. Or to put that another way, those with a Tegra 2 powered device will have support through the 10.1 releases.

This news also comes with an explanation that goes a bit more into detail. What it seems to come to is something called NEON. It was said that the Tegra 2 is non-NEON capable whereas devices with a Tegra 3 are NEON capable. The CyanogenMod posting goes on to describe this as follows;

“What this means in plain terms is that it lacks in capabilities in media, audio and graphics when compared to platforms that are NEON capable (eg. Tegra 3).”

The talk goes on to mention how there is a trend with Android 4.1 (and above) that has devices leaning towards greater reliance on NEON support. A provided example talks about Google Now and voice recognition. Some of the other Google apps that are starting to rely more heavily on NEON support include the Photosphere and the Gesture keyboard.

Bottom line here, the folks at CyanogenMod have said they plan to “continue to release 10.1 weeklies for the Tegra 2 platform until such time that we move on to the next Android release.”

SOURCE: Google+


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