Some good news has arrived for those who have been waiting for stable release of CyanogenMod 10.1.0. The Cyanogen team has announced the end of the Release Candidate phase which means things will be shifting towards the stable releases. The updated general release CyanogenMod 10.1.0 builds should be arriving very shortly, but that does bring the question as to which devices will be supported.

According to what we have seen, the devices that will have support for the general release builds will mirror what we saw with the release candidate builds. Simply put, if your device had an RC build available, it will likely be covered. The folks at Cyanogen have said they “do not plan on incorporating devices that did not receive a RC into this release.”

Otherwise, if your handset is one of the Exynos based Samsung devices or powered by a Tegra 2 processor — you will not be seeing any general release CyanogenMod build at this time. There wasn’t much said on this matter, however a status update was promised for sometime “later this week.”

Looking forward, those who like to live on the edge will be getting some new M-release builds. These are milestone releases and considered more stable than the daily releases, but they are not quite ready for primetime. Anyway, these builds will bring new features and functionality including Privacy Guard.


The Privacy Guard feature was recently merged into the nightly builds and will allow users to run certain apps in an incognito mode. Basically, Privacy Guard will allow users (by way of the App Info panel) to retain some anonymity by providing empty lists for apps such as your contact list, calendar entries and browsing history.

SOURCE: CyanogenMod Blog


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