If you’ve been closely following developments in the CyanogenMod ROM scene, you’ll probably notice they’ve been busy reworking the theme engine. Now the dev team is giving a sneak peek at one of the more user visible result of this endeavor, a brand new Theme Chooser.

CyanogenMod has had support for themes for a long time now, but so far users have been limited to applying a theme wholesale. With the new theme engine, however, they can start picking parts that they like from one theme and mix it with others. If that feature sounds familiar to you, it’s because it is the very same that we saw in the CyanogenMod 11S variant designed for the OnePlus One. It is definitely welcome news to see this feature also coming to CyanogenMod users everywhere.

With the new theme chooser, users have more freedom and flexibility in the elements of a theme they want to use, including fonts, icons, and even boot animations. What’s more, the Theme Chooser becomes a one stop shop for setting your wallpapers for both the homescreen and the lockscreen. Users and developers of old themes need not worry though as CyanogenMod took extra care in making sure that they still work. They will simply appear as a Style element in the new generation of themes.

The new Theme Chooser will soon be rolling out to CyanogenMod 11 nightly builds for testing. CyanogenMod also promises to make a template available soon so that theme makers can get a head start in making compatible themes for the new engine or porting old ones. There might even be something in store for casual users in the form of an easy to use theme maker tool.

SOURCE: +CyanogenMod