It’s crazy when you think about how many different versions of Android are floating around. Or how many different ports and ROM’s have been released by the hundreds of developers and fans. Today however we are talking about the best of the best, CyanogenMod. The extremely popular CyanogenMod has been installed on over 2 million devices to date, doubling their numbers in the past few months.

That is a milestone not to be taken lightly. CyanogenMod has been installed on over 2 million smartphones and tablets, and that is just since they’ve been counting. You can see for yourself at the official CM stat tracker. It breaks down installs by Android version, devices and more. The Bravo and Galaxy S II are rocking hard, and nightly builds seem to take up most of the numbers.

According to Android Police CM reached the 1 million mark back in January, just a few months ago. Now today they’ve passed the 2 million mark and have nearly doubled their numbers in just 3 short months. A large amount of that growth is indeed contributed to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. With the slow upgrade and adoption rate by manufacturers (mainly you Moto) developer ROM’s such as CyanogenMod 9 can flourish and bring new life into peoples smartphones. Between the unofficial CM9 (KANG) community, and ICS it’s safe to say CM is on the way for 2.5 or 3 million soon.

With over 300 million Android devices around the world CyanogenMod has some rather tiny numbers, but when compared to the rest of the modding community they are well ahead of the pack. Pretty impressive if you ask me. Hopefully Android 5.0 Jelly Bean will get them past the 3 million mark and beyond. Keep up the great work guys!