We recently saw news of the OPPO N1 CyanogenMod edition. That bit came earlier in the week and included word of certification and a release date. Essentially, the handset has received the necessary approvals from Google and perhaps more important for those who were waiting — it will be available for purchase beginning on December 24. In some other Cyanogen news, there is now word of them having reached an installation milestone.

Details were shared by +SteveKondik who mentioned they crossed the 10 million mark. While this bit was shared by Kondik, this is a figure that can be watched on the CyanogenMod website — on the official CyanogenMod Statistics page. They break things down by official, unofficial and total. There is also the installations for the previous 24 hours.

In this case, that last 24 hour number is currently sitting at just over 12 thousand. 12,008 to be specific. The other numbers break down as follows; Official: 5,525,634, Unofficial: 4,485,423 and Total: 10,011,057. Along with the overall numbers, details coming from the stats page offer a look at installs by version and installs by device.

In this case the most installed versions are showing as the 10.1 and 10.2 nightlies which have 1,159,038 and 701,644 respective. Rounding out the top five for installed versions include the Nightly 10, CM10.1.3 and Nightly 7. Shifting over to the devices and we find the Samsung Galaxy S, Galaxy S II, Galaxy S III sitting up top. These devices are shown to have 510,209, 493,227 and 457,379 respectively.


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