The folks at CyanogenMod began teasing something called Nemesis a short while back. That teasing arrived with a short video and a message about how “things can be better.” Since that point we have seen some details of what Nemesis will be. Well, we have seen details of the Focal camera app, which is shown as being phase 1 of Nemesis.

Anyway, while we aren’t yet able to download and install the Focal app on any CyanogenMod build, there is an update on where it can be found. Coming by way of a recent Google+ posting from the CyanogenMod team, the Focal app is now included in the CM10.2 nightly builds. Yes, that is CM10.2 as in Android 4.3.

“Focal has been pushed to the official CyanogenMod repositories, and is now available automatically in CyanogenMod 10.2 builds!”

That of course is the better side of the Focal related information. The other side may bring some disappointment for those planning to stick with CM10.1. It was said that it is “technically possible” to build and release Focal for CM10.1, but that it will not be officially supported.

Further details here reveal the reasons as being that CM10.1 is now “under maintenance mode” and about how the are making “quick progress” with the work they are doing on CM10.2. Needless to say, still nothing in terms of a timeline for other (more stable) CM10.2 builds.

Some of the other points worth mentioning on Focal include how they have yet to remove the regular stock Camera app. This is being held off until Focal is considered 100 percent stable. Otherwise, similar to how there are no plans to release Focal for CM10.1, there are no plans to publish the app in the Play Store. The reasoning for that is simple, it was said that it will be “too much work to maintain.” Bottom line here, it seems those looking to use Focal will need to look forward to a time when they are also running CM10.2.

SOURCE: Google+ CyanogenMod