The CyanogenMod team has just announced that the special CyanogenMod Account provider that they have previously revealed has now passed code review. As such, the new security feature will be included in future nightly builds.

The Account provider was publicized by the makers of the popular custom Android ROM last month and is intended to be a launching pad for CyanogenMod’s planned upcoming features. One such feature is a complete end-to-end encrypted service for locating misplaced devices and even remotely wiping the device in case of theft. This echoes the functionality of the Android Device Manager that Google announced earlier that month.

The difference, according to CyanogenMod, is that the team has no interest in selling users’ data and has no ability to track or wipe users’ devices themselves. Everything is in the hands of the users and managed through a browser. CyanogenMod has not yet included the CyanogenMod Account feature in its nightly builds in order to let the code incubate and get tested by developers first. Now it seems that the feature is finally ready to be tested by a wider audience.

Those who already have access to the nightly build can simply add a CyanogenMod account through the regular Android account manager. They will then be able to make use of the Find and Wipe functionality via CyanogenMod’s website.

SOURCE: CyanogenMod