CyanogenMod is doing some housekeeping on the number of builds it has in its care. Following its trend of providing a single build for similar devices, it is rolling up all Xperia Z devices into one unified build. On the other hand, it is also dropping support for one Moto X-like variant.

Appropriately named fusion3, this build encompasses four related Sony Xperia models: the Xperia Z, the Xperia ZL, the Xperia ZR, and the Xperia Tablet Z. The similarities among these four in terms of architecture are so close that even Sony released the Android 4.4.4 update for the devices at the same time. CyanogenMod notes that likewise, the fusion3 build has been updated to the same 4.4.4 version, plus optimizations.

With the new Moto X becoming the official name of 2014’s model, CyanogenMod is also doing some maintenance on the build meant for the 2013 version. In particular, it is remaining what was formerly called the moto_msm8960dt build into a more generic “ghost”. This unified build supports all Moto X variants save one. Due to a lack of a maintainer, and probably lack of devices in the wild, the Moto Droid Maxx Developer Edition, model name “obake”, is being dropped from the custom ROM’s list of supported devices.

CyanogenMod mentions that the next snapshot, CyanogenMod 11 M10, is almost ready for release, probably over the weekend. Along with some new features, the release will also mark an update to CM’s Device Status list, so be sure to check then if you’re smartphone will be lucky enough to get that version too. Do note that this page indicates devices with builds for that particular release only and isn’t indicative of the overall status of the device in the grander scheme of things.

SOURCE: CyanogenMod