Right on schedule, CyanogenMod is announcing the latest snapshot release of CM 11, now at version M9. While this new version definitely has improvements across the board, one of its bigger highlights is the first non-nightly builds for some devices recently added to the ROM’s roster.

The three new supported devices that are getting their first snapshot builds include the HTC One M8 “m8” which was added in May, the Xperia Z2 “sirius” added in June, and the Xperia Z2 Tablet “castor” which joined the group just last month. While these devices have regularly been getting nightly builds since the day they were added, this is the first semi-stable releases marked for these devices. In case you might need a refresher on what these “M” snapshots are, we covered them at some length in March.

As to changes in CM 11 M9, CyanogenMod’s changelog highlights a few things, like new themable UI elements, improvements to search in the Settings app, and some new translations. There are also a number of fixes to existing functionality, like bug fixes for the new Heads Up notifications, preventing the accidental wake up of the device when the system checks whether the proximity sensor is occluded by a solid object, and fixing the built-in email app’s ability to store attachments to local storage for POP3 accounts.

CyanogenMod 11 M9 is fresh off the press so naturally the build system for devices are still churning at the moment. So don’t panic if you don’t see your device model in the list of snapshot downloads. And even if you don’t see it after a few days or even weeks, don’t despair that CyanogenMod has dropped support for the device. It only means that the maintainers for that device might have run into some errors that can’t be fixed in time for M9 and have decided to skip this release and wait for the M10 next month instead.

SOURCE: CyanogenMod