When the OPPO N1 originally launched there was plenty of talk about CyanogenMod. We knew there was a limited CyanogenMod edition coming, and we also knew OPPO was going to support CM on the regular model. That CM edition OPPO N1 launched on December 24th, and more recently, we now have some details about how those with a regular OPPO N1 can install and get up and running with CyanogenMod.

The specifics were shared on the OPPO user forums where they tell how to install CyanogenMod, and also how to revert back to the original Color OS. The nice part here, the OPPO specific features found on the N1 are all supported. This includes CyanogenMod support for the O-Touch Panel and O-Click Bluetooth remote as well as the 206 degree rotating camera.


The CM team has also gone as far as building in support for some of the Color OS features. Some of these include the ability to double tap to wake and screen-off gestures. And making the process a bit simpler, installing CM can all be done using tools from Color OS. OPPO N1 users will need to download CyanogenMod, however they then use the System Update app.

This app can be found by navigating to the Tools folder in the app drawer. From here (and assuming CM has been downloaded), users then need to select Local Update and Upgrade Now to get the process started. There is more to the process, but as compared to installing CM on most other handsets — the process here is simpler and more streamlined.

Reversing the process and going back to Color OS is much the same, you just need to select the Color OS file (instead of CM) during the process. That all being said, along with the step-by-step directions, OPPO has the necessary CM10.2 file available for download from the forums so those interested can follow the source link sitting below.