CyanogenMod users received a nice little feature update yesterday. That one came in the form of being able to maximize your lock screen widgets. And as we mentioned, this is one of the nicer points of running a CyanogenMod ROM — new features from time to time. Or at the very least, new features more often than those who use stock ROMs.

Anyway, yesterdays update aside, it looks like the folks at CyanogenMod have announced two new additions for CM10.1 users. These latest have already been merged and will arrive in the form of the ability to customize the NavigationBar and a “further refinement” to the Quick Settings functionality.

Kicking things off with the latter of the two, this will mean that CM10.1 users will be able to swipe into, and out of the Quick Settings . This is done by using a sideways swipe gesture. You can see a demo of this in the video. That said, the one point worth noting, it was specifically pointed out that “the ability to swipe anywhere other than the bottom bar proved inconsistent when the drawers were full and was removed in the final patch.”

Otherwise, moving over to the NavigationBar customization. This one is just as you would expect — you can customize the NavigationBar. All said and done, as these have both been merged, those rocking the nightly builds should see them available now.

[via Google+]



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