Sneaking in alongside the CES 2013 coverage, we have a bit coming from the folks at Cyanogen. This latest is a smaller feature, but based on what we have seen, it was once a “highly requested feature” amongst those using Cyanogen. In other words, smaller feature addition or not, this one should be well received.

Anyway, without any further adieu, the new feature is the ability to maximize your lock screen widgets. This item will be found in the Settings -> Lock screen section and is further described as allowing you to “show widgets maximized and the unlock minimized when the screen is turned on.”

According to details coming from the CyanogenMod posting, this feature has just been merged. Perhaps more to the point, those using CyanogenMod should now have a nicer widget experience at times when they turn the display on. And by nicer, we mean larger and easier to read, which should help those with a smaller display.


Of course, this really just highlights one of the perks of using a CyanogenMod ROM — the ability to get new features added from time to time. Not to mention, speed of updates. Take this for example, it was announced and released within a days time. We are fairly certain that carriers are not going to do that, well, that is unless they are rolling out a fix for an urgent issue.

[via Google+]