Many are already beginning to look towards Android 4.3, which would be CyanogenMod 10.2, however the work for CM10.1 is not yet done. In fact, the folks at CyanogenMod have recently been making their way through release candidate versions of CM10.1.3. We saw details of CM10.1.3 RC1 towards the end of August and more recently — there is CM10.1.3 RC2.

These CM10.1.3 builds are based off of Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean and are also including the Privacy Guard functionality and SELinux (permissive mode). Both of those items were previously only available in the CM10.1 nightlies. The first of these CM10.1.3 releases, which was RC1, arrived for a handful of devices, however the support is now upwards of 90 devices for RC2.

The folks at CyanogenMod have said this RC2 release is currently rolling out to devices. If you have a device running CM and have yet to see an update notification you may want to go ahead and check. For that you can navigate to Menu -> System settings -> About phone ->CyanogenMod Updates to try and get the process started.


In addition to the mention of 90 devices, it was also said that CM10.1.3 RC2 brings support for others to include the Oppo Find 5, Nook HD (hummingbird) as well as Nook HD+ (ovation). These are a few that missed the first CM10.1.3 release candidate. That all being said, while this is still considered RC it does appear to be relatively issue free.

Needless to say, if you absolutely cannot have any issues with your phone — you may want to skip the RC builds. And lastly, the folks at CyanogenMod have also made it clear that these are CM10.1 builds and they should not be mixed in with the CM10.2 nightlies.

SOURCE: CyanogenMod