Coming about a month after the M3 build landed, the folks at CyanogenMod have announced the immediate availability of the release candidate. Basically, CyanogenMod 10.1.0 has been released as RC1. This release comes with support for 40 devices and with a little bit of teasing in terms of a final build.

As we suspect some may be a bit more interested in the final release so lets cover the details for that first. The details here mention how “the 10.1 branch is quickly approaching the point where a ‘final’ build is due.” As you can see, no specific timeline was given, however it would appear as if the final release will be arriving sooner rather than later.

Additional comments on this topic touched on how RC1 “will be one of (if not the last) milestone releases before a 10.1.0 is pushed out.” Anyway, for those unfamiliar, this is based on Android 4.2.2 and those looking to do a bit of playing can surf on over to the website to download the ROM.

The supported device list include the usual suspects such as the Nexus 4, 7 and 10, a few of the Galaxy S III variants, the T-Mobile Galaxy S II, LG Optimus L9 and more. Diving deeper on the tablet side and we see several Galaxy Tab 2 models as well as the first and second-generation Kindle Fire. With that, while we start to check this out for ourselves, we would also love to hear your experiences. For that, fire off in the comments below.

[via CyanogenMod]


  1. If you update using the built-in ROM menu tool, then this us no big news. May as well just be another nightly release.

  2. Just installed it on my Razr. Runs fast as heck just like the previous version. Don’t seem to be any major changes, but that’s a good thing. CM is MILES better than the Jelly Bean image that Verizon gave us.


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