Cyanogen Inc announced a release date for the OPPO N1 CyanogenMod edition handset a few days earlier. And while that included a date and details of the Google certification, it seems it also brought the quiet launch of a Cyanogen YouTube channel. For now there is just one video that has been shared, a first look style video for the OPPO N1 CM edition handset.

The video is pretty much what you would expect with a teaser video. It offers a look at the key features in terms of the hardware as well as the software. In this case, those features will likely be familiar for those who have been watching the OPPO N1 release. Not to mention, those who either pay attention to, or currently use CyanogenMod.

The video kicks off and makes it clear this is a Google device. You get a look at the Google apps sitting in the app drawer and a quick look at the rotating camera, which is used to take some selfies. Well, actually, used to take quite a few selfies. But there was more to that and the video did go on to highlight the Enhance feature, which based on the video, appears to work rather well.

The video also ran through some of the CyanogenMod specifics such as Privacy Guard, App Ops and the Advanced controls which allow for setting and adjusting the speed. There was also a look at the settings from the notification shade and themes, which showed the carrot on circuit board option. Another highlight here came in regards to an N1 feature, the remote, which allows you to remotely capture an image.

Anyway, while the CyanogenMod YouTube channel is nothing more than a first look at the OPPO N1 CM edition at the moment, it is a channel we will be keeping an eye on for future teasers.

VIA: YouTube, +CyanogenMod