With all of the recent drama about the T-Mobile G2, it doesn’t surprise me that this video was released on the internet. For anyone who didn’t return their T-Mobile G2 yet and are still using it, Cyanogen has a surprise for you guys. They recently showed off their mod in a youtube video.

This device hasn’t been rooted yet, and there are no word on a release date for this super hack. According to Cyanogen’s twitter page, “Booted CM on my G2 in the most horrible way possible, No we still don’t have real root.” This provides a shining light of hope down a dark tunnel for T-Mobile users. We can only hope Cyanogen or some other developer can provide a solution to this T-Mobile no rooting nonsense. In the meantime, just stay tuned for any updates on Cyanogen’s mod. You can also watch their video as well below.
Via [Cyanogen]