Micromax YU rolls out new Yu Yureka Plus, an Amazon India exclusize

If you’re not familiar with YU, it’s a brand under Micromax. And who is Micromax again you ask? It’s the company that Cyanogen partnered with instead of OnePlus which resulted to a number of issues and temporary injunctions. Amidst all these, Micromax still was able to unveil a YUreka Cynagon smartphone in India last December. A few months after, we heard a follow up phone dubbed the “Project Caesar” would be revealed.

Alcatel, Cyanogen’s Hero 2+ project gets scrapped in favor of future product

Device manufacturer Alcatel made the news at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona back in March that it was teaming up with software developer Cyanogen for the Alcatel OneTouch Hero 2+ phablet. It was supposed to be a next gen phablet with Cyanogen software running the show. We’ve just received news that both Alcatel and Cyanogen have announced the termination of this project in favor of a future product.

Cyanogen-powered ZUK Z1 hints on a 4XXX mAh battery

The ZUK Z1 is a new entry to the mobile arena yet it’s highly anticipated because its manufacturer has been boasting about its large battery. We only had few details until this week when some details have been presented in a special event. As you all know by now, ZUK is a new phone brand backed by Lenovo. The company's first flagship smartphone will run CyanogenOS and its screen will feature a U-Touch fingerprint scanner-gesture control system that allows a new way to swipe and unlock the screen.

Cyanogen-running ZUK Z1 in the works, will probably rival OnePlus 2

Another player has entered the China-made smartphone industry. Meet ZUK, a new startup that is said to be backed by Lenovo and Chinese software company 360. The name Lenovo alone makes us think that this one has big potential but we have yet to see if its first entry is good enough to rival the numerous models in the market today.

Cyanogen brings its game on with Playphone partnership

Cyanogen, Inc. is expanding its anti-Google Android army, this time with a rather unexpected addition. Most of its previous deals have been to replace core functionality offered by Google's apps and services. This time, however, its partnership with Playphone provides a rather niche feature that isn't easily found in default Android: a social gaming experience. Now owners of the relatively few Cyanogen OS devices can experience a slightly different gaming setup, connecting with both friends and strangers to discover new games and maybe new friends as well.

Cyanogen unveils Andromax Q for Indonesia

The issue between OnePlus and Cyanogen in India is almost over. OnePlus is still in the business and is expected to launch the OnePlus 2 anytime soon while Cyanogen is working on to solidify partnerships with other brands. This week, Cyanogen has proudly announced the Andromax Q. Obviously, it's a new Android phone powered by Cyanogen OS. This smartphone was first launched in Indonesia via Smartfren, a popular telecom provider in Indonesia.

Cyanogen pulls out OnePlus touchscreen fix due to battery drain

They created a fix to an annoying problem, only to have that fix create another possibly more annoying problem. That is the situation that some OnePlus One users are experiencing, as a fix to the device's touchscreen issues has been pulled out because it has been causing excessive battery drain once it has been installed. Cyanogen says they are already working on creating an actual solution that will not cause further damage.

OnePlus ends legal battles in India, Cyanogen to continue support

If you remember last year, China-based smartphone manufacturer OnePlus got itself into a sticky situation with primary software partner Cyanogen over business actions in the sub-continent of India. As you may know, India is one of the fastest growing smartphone markets in the world, and everybody wants a piece of the pie – even Cyanogen and OnePlus. The year of 2014 ended with OnePlus and Cyanogen, plus Cyanogen’s India-based partner Micromaxx, in a legal scuffle. OnePlus just released what seems like good news today that their legal troubles in India are over.

TrueCaller now built-in in Cyanogen OS devices

Having the ability to identify who is calling you and deciding whether or not to take that call is a basic "power" that every mobile user should have. And yet, most of our smartphones don't have a built-in capability like that. Well, at least, we're very thankful that there are apps and developers out there whom we can count on to bring this feature. One of these apps, TrueCaller is now built-in to the to the Cyanogen OS Dialer, ready to start screening your calls for you.

CyanogeMod isn’t getting into bed with Microsoft, CM12.1 nears

Android news might still be ringing abut Cyanogen, Inc.'s partnership with Microsoft to preload the latter's apps into Cyanogen OS. While this is no different from Samsung's similar deal, the fact that it is Cyanogen making it has caused a stir among the Android community, particularly those in the ROM community. The ramifications of this business move is a topic fit for another day, on a post of its own. In the meantime, however, CyanogenMod, not Cyanogen, is assuring its users that it isn't taking a similar path.
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