The CM Apps app was recently released in the Google Play Store. And it looks like another Cyanogen branded app will soon be available. This other is the CM Theme Showcase app and it is set to arrive for download on June 16th.

Details of the app release come by way of Brian Resnik, who is a community specialist for Cyanogen Inc. More to the point, Resnik recently confirmed the release on Reddit. This should be good news for the average end-user looking to get some themes, however the advance details of the release came with a request for theme submissions.

Simply put, by making the release known ahead of time — those average end-users should be able to expect a decent selection when the app arrives on the 16th. For those curious, thinking the CM Theme Showcase name sounds familiar — it originally debuted with the OnePlus One.

Anyway, Resnik offered some details on what is required for submissions. Those thinking about submitting a theme will want to click on the Reddit source link below to make sure they know what is expected. Otherwise, looking back to the CM Apps app and that was one offering users everything from wallpapers, to the Trebuchet launcher, and Cyanogen branded apps such as as Apollo, Camera Next, Torch and others.

VIA: AndroidAuthority

SOURCE: Reddit