ZeptoLab launched Cut the Rope 2 back in December. But as many will remember, that launch came as an iOS exclusive. There was a promise of the game arriving for Android users “early next year,” and well, it looks like early next year has finally arrived as Cut the Rope 2 is now sitting in the Play Store.

Also worth mentioning is the Amazon Appstore availability, ZeptoLab has said that will take place in a few days time, on March 30th. Cut the Rope 2 is available for free and does have some in-app purchases. We are a bit concerned about the device compatibility, and hope to see that changing soon.

Or more to the point, we were hoping to do a bit of playing and was greeted with a message about how this app is incompatible with all of our devices. Anyway, while we keep an eye on that, we can say that Cut the Rope 2 is teased as bringing “fresh challenges and unanticipated obstacles.” Of course, we suspect some will simply be looking for more of the physics-based action they saw in one of the other Cut the Rope variants.

On the topic of those other Cut the Rope games, ZeptoLab mentioned how the series has now been downloaded more than 500 million times. This includes the original Cut the Rope, as well as Time Travel and Experiments. There wasn’t any breakdown between game titles, or even a split between iOS and Android downloads. Perhaps most important here — Cut the Rope 2 is finally in the Play Store.

Cut the Rope 2 can be found using this Google Play Store link.

[Update] It seems the device compatibility issues have been worked out…time to do a bit of playing.

VIA: The Next Web