The last we heard from ZeptoLab was that Cut The Rope 2 was going to be arriving “worldwide this winter.” And while that timeline may still hold true, it seems Android users have been left waiting. The company has released the game for iOS and otherwise, have mentioned the Android release is set for sometime “early next year.”

A bit disappointing to not have a more specific date, however along with the iOS release we have gotten some additional details of the game. These include some specifics in terms of features as well as the official game trailer. The video can be seen here in the post and aside from that, ZeptoLab has said Cut The Rope 2 is “Om Nom’s Unexpected Adventure” and it brings 120 levels of gameplay.

“This is the first true sequel to Cut the Rope,” said Misha Lyalin, ZeptoLab CEO. “We’ve shaken up the formula and really wanted to push the envelope on what today’s mobile platforms can offer. The new gameplay elements, design and graphics will thrill Cut the Ropefans and attract a new generation of players.”

Those who played the original will recognize this as the sequel, but perhaps a bit more important is what that means in terms of gameplay. Cut The Rope 2 will have five new locations and characters and each will have a set of unique game mechanics that help Om Nom in his pursuit of candy.

Those five friends include Roto, Lick, Blue, Toss and Boo and ZeptoLab describes them all as follows;

  • Roto carries Om Nom through the air to the best candy catching locations.
  • Lick makes small bridges with his tongue to help Om Nom reach his goal.
  • Blue multiplies and lifts Om Nom to new levels of candy hunting fun.
  • Toss throws objects of all sizes, including candy, to help Om Nom satisfy his sweet tooth.
  • Boo scares Om Nom to jump to new heights.

VIA: Marketwired