Make your Android phone or tablet come to life with this awesome live wallpaper I’ve found for you all. Today I’ll be featuring Crazy Colors LWP. This is another one of my recent favorites from the excellent developer and it really makes your phone or tablet almost come to life. The quick and crazy movements in color gives your device some excitement and you can control the colors with the touch of your finger.

It’s almost as if the colors are flying toward you then reversing away almost giving it a 3D type effect and it actually is really neat. I’ve tested this both on my 3.1 Tablet and my HTC Sensation and it works great on both. The colors are vibrant and sharp, as well as completely customizable for your convenience. Now I’m having a hard time deciding on my new favorite but it is still between this and Vortex Galaxy LWP but I’m leaning towards the latter.

You can also slide the colors around on your screen to watch them go crazy but soon enough you’ll want to let go and just let it do its own crazy thing. The colors do rotate from being fast and in your face being all lively to calming down and becoming smaller almost like it’s off in the distance and really makes for a good change-up. Here is a video for a better idea.

Crazy Colors LWP

While the video may give you an idea you just need to download it and try it yourself to see how awesome it really is. After all it is free so whats the concern right? As always I try to pick an awesome yet totally free LWP and today’s is no different just as I’ve said. It is free and available right now in the Android Market. Feel free to click or scan the QR Code below to instantly head to the market for download. Enjoy!