The smart robot Cozmo has been exciting us since last year. The AI-powered robot is more than just cute as it can do a number of functions and activities. We know it’s arriving soon as programmers have begun working on the platform. The Cozmo Code Lab visual programming platform was announed only a few months ago which meant the Cozmo is ready for its global launch.

Cozmo is now available in Canada and the United States. The little robot will be out before this month ends in France, Germany, Japan, UK, and Nordic countries. A Collector’s Edition of Cozmo will also be released but before that happens, expect to hear updates and related announcements.

The pet robot works with an app that allows you to play games or hang out with Cozmo. The updated app improves the relationship between the owner and the robot. It’s like a person and a real pet which can be loving and caring. Don’t think it’s weird to have that kind of relationship with a robot because to ensure that it responds well to your commands, you have to train it and keep Cozmo energized, tuned-up, and entertained. To make him a better robot, you have to learn and develop his many abilities and skills.

Cozmo has many needs including Play, Feed, and Tune-up. Every activity of the robot, you can view on the app. Keep the robot entertained by playing games. Feed the robot Power Cubes and give it a Tune-Up to make sure that it’s always running smoothly.