If you’re excited to see an octa-core device, you’re clearly not alone. Zopo, who will bring us the very first mobile device with eight dedicated cores has a countdown timer on their site, so we know the exact second we’ve entered the next phase of the spec race to nowhere. We’ve got less than three days to go, too!

Zopo has managed to keep device specs under wraps, for the most part. What we know is that it’s an octa-core device, and will carry MediaTek’s MT6592 chipset. If that doesn’t sound exciting, it’s really all we have right now. MediaTek is the only manufacturer ready to ship an octa-core chipset, though a few — like Qualcomm — are hot on their heels.

Other than the octa-core rouse Zopo has created, we know nothing. Rumors suggest it will sport a 5.5-inch 1080p screen, but not much else has been announced, or even leaked. We’d suspect it will have the full suite of specs we have come to appreciate, like 2GB RAM or other various standards, but we hope for a surprise or two.

As mentioned previously, Qualcomm is preparing their octa-core offering, and have not been kind to MediaTek in the mean time. MediaTek does have the Asian market locked up pretty tightly, but major OEMs are waiting for Qualcomm to roll out their offering. MediaTek has been a relatively low-end manufacturer, historically. It’ll be nice to see just what an octa-core processor brings to the table, but we’d prefer chip manufacturers make the best of existing hardware first.