Android has always been complicated when it came to processes between your PC – normally running on Windows – and your smartphone which ran on Android. Unlike in iOS, one thing Android users can actually envy Apple users on is the seamless process of sending messages from OSX on your Macbook and sent through your iPhone. Of course, it may just be the way Android is made – which means you need an app for that. Among the many that allow you to do this on Android, we can now add Microsoft’s Cortana to the list.


Cortana, Microsoft’s digital voice assistant, has recently been approved for Android as an alternative for Google Now. And while it may still be clunky on the features end, you can’t say that you won’t like the voice behind Cortana. So here’s another new thing to like about it – that is if you have Cortana on your desktop or laptop running Windows 10, and you also have Cortana installed on your Android device. Apparently, you can use the assistant to send a text for you.


Reddit user “edg3d903” found out when he typed “message” on the Windows search bar and Cortana suggested if he would like to send a message. He tried it and Cortana (on his PC) sent the message through mobile as Cortana (on his smartphone). Usually, you would need third party apps like Mighty Text, Pushbullet, or Air Droid to achieve this.


If you have a Windows 10 PC and Cortana installed on your smartphone, you might want to explore this functionality. There might be other things you can have Cortana do on your smartphone from the relative confines of your laptop or desktop screen.

SOURCE: Reddit


  1. I just found out about this… Wow! I can send texts off my surface 3… I didn’t realize it until cortana popped up and said I missed a phone call…


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