In case you haven’t heard or have forgotten, Microsoft has released Cortana on Android over a year ago in the United States. Even iOS received Microsoft’s very own voice-assistant that is a direct rival of Apple’s Siri and the Google Assistant. The UK only got it recently and we know the software giant has been gathering feedback and suggestions from users on how it can improve the voice assistant feature.

Microsoft recently announced some changes and enhancements including quick access to information with the lock screen. Cortana can be accessed from the lock screen now. This way, you can easily swipe to launch Cortana and see needs to be done. Above the lock on Android, you can interact with the feature. Ask a question or set a reminder even without having to unlock the smartphone.

On the Cortana home on your Android device, you can also now view quick information like reminders, what’s next on your calendar, or commute times. This is pretty useful especially if you have a packed schedule and you just want to see what is your next activity.

Microsoft also just announced that the iOS and Android Cortana apps are now ready for download and use in Australia. Those who use Cortana on their Windows 10 machines can soon continue Cortana use on their phones. Keep track of your reminders, input new items, and receive them on your phone.

Cortana can also send a text to a caller when you know you will need to miss the call. The SMS may contain a heads up that you will just call him or her later.

Cortana is also now optimized for mobile. You will notice some quick action buttons or voice commands that are helpful. Both the Android and iOS now have a more streamlined design and available widgets. The results is a simple look and interface that is easier to navigate.

SOURCE: Windows