So if you’ve been around the Android beat for a while now, you’d recognize the things published by JerryRigEverything. They have a YouTube channel where they perform durability tests on popular smartphones and mobile devices. The latest target? The brand spanking new Samsung Galaxy Note 7, and Corning wasn’t very much happy with the tester’s published results.

Tester Zac Nelson said that there was something strange about the Gorilla Glass 5 on the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. The standard scratch test of this YouTube channel was to use metal picks of different hardness (based on the Mohs hardness scale) against the Gorilla Glass and hope that the glass would start showing permanent scratches at a level of Mohs hardness 5 or 6, where most smartphones usually start to show scratches. The video shows that the Note 7’s Gorilla Glass 5 seemingly started to have permanent scratches with a pick at level 3 hardness, and that’s cause for concern – since you’re spending nearly a thousand dollars for this device.

Android Authority talked to two senior spokespeople from Corning, and basically the reply was this: first, that the testing that was being done by JerryRigEverything was not industry standard. Secondly, that maybe because the metal pick with Mohs hardness 3 was softer than the glass itself, the pick was “rubbing off” material onto the glass instead of the glass being permanently scratched. Android Authority noted that the tester tried to wipe the material off, but the permanent marking on the screen was still there. You can check the source link below for the full statement.


When Corning was asked, just to be sure, if Gorilla Glass 5 had the same scratch resistance as Gorilla Glass 4, the answer was not a direct “yes” or “no” – but they used the word “similar”. In our language, that makes a world of difference. And for end users, it doesn’t really matter if the scratches on the screen are metal from the pick or permanent scratches. If there’s a permanent mark on your device’s glass, your eyes will notice it. What do you guys think?

SOURCE: Android Authority