Corning displays are widely used all over the world. This popular ceramics and glass manufacturer has entered the mobile industry more than five years ago. Numerous OEMs now use the Corning Gorilla Glass technology which is now in its fifth iteration–the Gorilla Glass 5. When it comes to wearables, the display has yet to be used as a standard because the company hasn’t released focused on this area until recently. Yes, you read that right. Corning has just introduced the Gorilla Glass SR+ specifically made for wearable devices.

This special glass is expected to reduce scratches in smartwatches and offer optimum touch sensitivity. As with its bigger sibling, the Gorilla Glass for smartphones and tablets, this one can withstand the test of time. Wearables are more prone to damage because of mobility and one’s daily activities so it’s imperative that smartwatch makers consider the quality even display is small. We’re not sure if it’s shatterproof as the Gorilla Glass 5 but we know it’s really scratch-resistant. It’s 70% better in damage resistance and offers 25% improved surface reflection.

Scott Forester, Corning Gorilla Glass’ Director for Innovation Products, said: “Corning Gorilla Glass SR+ delivers a superior combination of properties that is not available in any other material today – it is in a class of its own.” Corning is a leader in the cover glass industry, being used in over 4.5 billion devices already, so we know that the Corning Gorilla Glass SR+ will deliver.

About 40 big companies trust Corning and have used the products in over mobile 1,800 devices. More will be added to the number as the new Gorilla Glass product enters the smartwatch arena.

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