It wasn’t all that long back when we saw a new app bring bubbles for links. That app was called Link Bubble. But more to the point for today — the Play Store has gotten another bubble named app. This one is for copying from the clipboard and called Copy Bubble.

Copy Bubble is as the name would suggest. The app puts a bubble on your display, and that bubble keeps track of what you are copying. When you first install/launch the app your bubble will have a zero. That number will then grow as you begin copying text. The app also keeps track of when you copy images.

Once your number grows from 0 — a tap of the bubble will open the interface. From that point you will be able to re-copy to paste in another application, share it out to another application, and also delete items. The app is pretty simple overall, but seems like it will be welcomed by those who are frequently copying and pasting items from app to app. If nothing else Copy Bubble gives a good place to keep items you are currently working with.

Having said that, the app is pretty new and has only received a few comments. Most of those deal with the inability to hide the bubble from view. It would be nice to see the developer to take note and maybe make some changes in future releases. But for now, the Copy Bubble app is available for free and can be found using this Google Play Store link.

VIA: The Next Web